Information Services

Our focus in Information Services is on integrated voice, data and video based on IP technologies, provides different methods services to get on with different network application requirements and to build infrastructures utilizing data center solutions.

Furthermore, our team’s experience has proven that we can handle different requirements according to customer needs.

Information Services includes:

  • Complete Infrastructure Solutions.
  • Datacenter Infrastructure (Datacenter design and implementation)
  • Telecom equipment’s installation (Cabinets, BSC, MSC, MGW, O&M systems)
  • IT equipment’s installation (Servers, routers, switches, firewalls, KVM, etc.)
  • Cooling and HVAC Infrastructure
  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Fire extinguisher systems and Protection

Abraaj provides updated training to its technicians as required to meet the customer requirements in all specs of telecommunications and technology installation and commissioning plus safety and other related trainings. Our technicians are well trained to specification.

COMMISSIONING is performed based on standard operation procedures such as:

  • Visual checks of installed equipment.
  • Voltage and current test of power supply units.